Get rid of all the stuff

We moved into our house about 8 months ago.  And yeah, this is the third place we’ve lived in the past three years.  Usually by month 6, all decorating and unpacking comes to a complete halt and we just live in the apartment the way it is, because by month 9 we’re actively looking for the next place to live.  But for the first time in forever, we’re approaching month 9 with nowhere to go.  (We plan on staying here at least 3 years.)

When we moved in, the place was disgusting.  Think Pepto Bismol carpet and window shades, the dingiest white-but-not-white paint job, and 80’s neon streaked wallpaper in the bathroom.  So while we got a sweet deal on the non-updated place, we had to live here while we gutted the entire thing.  We laid down hardwood floors (downstairs) and carpet (upstairs), installed new bathroom fixtures, repainted the entire place (paint color is called “Frost” haha) and completely redecorated with new curtains, pictures, etc.

So now that summer is here and I’ve got no job and no school, what do I do with all this time on my hands?  Finish unpacking.  And OHEMGEE do we have stuff.  I’ve gotten rid of 5 boxes in the last few weeks of stuff, and like rabbits the stuff keeps reproducing.

I’m tired of all this stuff weighing me down.  Makes it hard to pack when you move from place to place, and definitely makes it hard to find places to put all the stuff.  I find myself “needing” more drawers, more shelves, more cabinets to contain the stuff.

And as I keep ridding myself of all the tangible stuff, I keep thinking of all the intangible stuff that I want to get rid of.  Like worries about the upcoming year and what my life will be like, or how I really don’t want to continue grad school, but I must do it anyway.  We’ve been praying desperately to begin our our family for the past 9 months, and I’m starting to question what God’s actual plan is for me.

But just like all the clutter my house and attic and shed contains, I can’t keep living with all the stuff.  It’s too much to take.  So while I’m getting rid of all the stuff stuff, I’m working on getting rid of all the other stuff, although that’s much harder and takes longer to do.

But in the end, a clear focus and uncluttered mindset will be worth it.


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