Get rid of all the stuff..still..

Speaking of all the stuff, have you heard about that 30×30 craze?  With the clothes?  Apparently it hit the blogging world by storm and you’re probably not a legit blogger unless you participate in it in some form or fashion.  (Read more here.)

Well, I started it about a month ago.  Not to blog about, but I was tired of all the stuff, remember?

What’s funny is, as I was going through all my clothes, I first got rid of ones that didn’t fit anyway, and then stuff that I didn’t like, and then bam! I was left with 30 pieces.  After trying to only wear those 30 items for the past monthish, I realized I don’t even like those 30.

So I’m getting rid of it all.  Yup.  If it’s not currently hanging in my closet as part of the 30 (because I have to keep something) and if it can’t be worn in winter (because as a Texan my winter wardrobe is still scarce and I need everything I can to get me through the snow) then it all goes.  Literally.  Legitimately.  Whatever the trendy word is.

I can hear my mom’s voice now telling me to stop.

I’m starting over.  This statement can also be taken metaphorically.  As, I’m completely starting over with my wardrobe and I’m completely starting over with my life.

I’m tired of clothes having all the power–they’re the ones that usually determine my emotional standing at the time–and I’m tired of letting the stuff interfere with my walk with God.  Yeah, I realize theoretically someone can have clothes and a house full of stuff while at the same time also loving God, but at this specific moment in time, that someone is not me.  The more I get rid of stuff the more I find myself open to be being filled by God.

Does that make sense?  I don’t want to be weighed down anymore.  I have enough issues of my own to do that, I don’t need help from an American consumerism mindset.

So adios, sianara, auf wiedersehen stuff.  Don’t come back now, ya hear.


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