Rise of the Guardians: Review


I watched this movie over the past weekend.  Yeah, I know, I’m reeeeeeally late to the game.  But c’mon, a movie about superhero children’s characters? It just didn’t really interest me.

However, I was pleasantly surprised.  This movie had more meaning and depth than most adult movies I watch.  It was funny in all the right places, while at the same time being thought-provoking and poignant.

I’ll say it again, this movie had depth.  It’s mostly about the inner journey of Jack Frost finding his identity and his place in the world.  I’m pretty sure he was the most inspiring animated character I’ve ever seen.  And after the many years of fighting my husband over the name Jack, I’m officially conceding.  I will name my future child Jack if only after the character in this movie.

The animation in this movie was also beautiful.  I love it when the color scheme works well and the characters are made so flawlessly.  And I love the portrayal of both the Easter Bunny as being an Australian muscleman and Santa Claus (North) as being this tattooed biker guy.

A million thumbs up for this one.


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