The Fall of Five: a pseudo-review

I do not know what it is about this series, but I LOVE it.

I have been highly anticipating this book since June, when I finished book 3, The Rise of Nine.  (Actually, I had forgotten that we had the book until then, and after finishing it I promptly re-read the first two.)

It’s definitely not the writing, because there are lots of spots where one character is supposed to be in one place and all the sudden he’s having a conversation with another group of people and I can not for the life of me figure out how he got there.

I think it’s just the story.  There is so much detail that I want to liken it to the Harry Potter Series, purely for the amount of detail in the book world alone, but I understand that more dedicated “Potterheads” than myself might get upset.  So I won’t.

Then there’s the plot.  Basically, like the first 3 books of Twilight, there is only one story, one enemy, and all the characters are continually working toward the same end.  And, like Twilight, each million page book only really covers a span of about a week or so, although at least it’s pages about fighting and not pages about endless showering or caressing a man’s jawline.

There’s just something about it.  I love the characters and the fact that they really do feel like teenagers with their dialogue.  I love the enemy they’re fighting for being so dark and evil.  I love that the book feels fast paced even though it only covers a short amount of time.  Even my husband loves this book.  In fact, he forced me to read the entire thing yesterday from start to finish so he could read it today.

I wish the first movie had been better, because then there would be multiple movies.  Maybe one day, although, they’ll probably just butcher the book to pieces like they did with The Hunger Games movie.


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