Thinking about the MINDful stuff

In all this stuff, stuff, and stuff riddance-ing I’ve been doing, I all the sudden realized how much stuff my mind collects throughout the days/weeks/months.  

I think this whole media-driven world is semi-awesome.  I mean, I get to stay connected to friends across the nation (I’m not very worldly) at the tap of a button.  I get news instantly.  I can call/text/skype/facetime/gchat/email my parents in Texas.  I love music and I absolutely love Spotify.  I love pictures, I love Instagram, and I now love Printicular.

It really is awesome.

But then I think about all the media stuff that I use on a daily basis that isn’t just for keeping in touch with family members.  Like TV.  Or Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Pinterest, Houzz, Radio, Pandora, Spotify, etc. etc. etc.

And I started realizing that me browsing through images on Pinterest wasn’t making me feel bad about my house/life not being Pinterest worthy.  And it wasn’t making me feel bad about myself.  I look on Instagram and I see pictures of people and I don’t judge myself against them.  I don’t feel bad about my own life.

I just feel cluttered.  My mind is so full of images, sound bytes, music, that I can’t hardly think straight anymore.  Add that to real life experiences that I have with my family or friends and the books that I read and it’s no wonder I’m exhausted each night but can’t fall asleep.  In fact, sometimes I find myself thinking harder because I have to sift through all the useless junk in my head to retrieve the information that I need at the time.

How do you unclutter a mind though?  I mean, in today’s time it’s certainly not as simple as locking yourself into a box and sitting in silence.  And sometimes I feel that limiting won’t do the trick either–even if you only limit to time or certain medias, you’re still cluttering everything.

Probably a good ol’ fashioned detox is needed.  Quit all media cold turkey.  Wait til you can function again.  But then what do you do?  You kinda can’t exist in today’s world without all this stuff. Media is so integrated into our very core now that I don’t even know what a media-less life looks like.

I’m thinking though that a good place to start is today, when the huzzband and I begin our 5 day labor day weekend.  Nothing special, mostly house projects, cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping, and normal stuff.  But maybe instead of killing time with social media apps I’ll be more intentional about sitting back, closing my eyes, and just resting a bit.  Maybe sit outside and just enjoy the nice weather and the fact that the grass will die in a few weeks.  Breath in the anticipation of the upcoming season change and just be quiet.

Or maybe I’ll finish that quilt once and for all.


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