The Host: What not to watch on a hormonally terrible day.

Whoever came up with the phrase, “Happiness is a choice,” could certainly not be a woman.  Because, all all you womens know, there are some certain days where no matter what you try to choose, all you can be is sad, mad, angry that your life has hit rock bottom and your whole identity is put into question.  Which, is weird, since just the day before you were probably the happiest, most sane person on the planet who just loved life and everyone in it.

So, yeah, I had one of those dark, evil days.  On this day I could not choose to be happy.  I could barely choose what to eat for lunch because the fact that we don’t have a lot of food in the house at the moment made me tear up.  And I couldn’t choose to be happy because ever since our condo complex has decided to redo our roofs the incessant banging brought me to tears.  And I tried to finally, finally, stitch my quilt together, but I suck at hand sewing and I made a royal mistake on my sewing machine.

Guys, even retail therapy wouldn’t get me out of this mood!  Which is saying a lot.

Basically, after settling into tears for about the 50th time today, I threw in the towel and decided today would be low maintenance.

Which is why I went to Redbox and used my free code to rent The Host.

Okay, so I’ve tried to read this book a couple times but I could never get into it.  I don’t know if it’s cause it’s super lame (re:  Twilight and company) or because I always had too much going on at the time to spend reading a gazillion page book.  Either way, I figured I’d wait until the movie came out and give it a shot then.

Let me just say this:  When your whole world is hormonally going to pieces, do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch this movie.

So it’s about these alien souls that take over the humans on planet Earth.  But when the souls inhabit the bodies they’re really co-habitating with the human souls.  It follows the human girl Melanie and the alien soul Wanderer (or Wanda) as they both fight to live their life. They hate each other at first, and then they really like each other at the end.

In case you’re just dying to see it, I won’t ruin the end for you.

It’s not terrible.  But, it’s not really very good either.  I felt more like it was just underdeveloped.  And it was very dark. Like, I can’t see what’s going on because all the dark colors are melting together.  Also, who was the costume designer on this movie?  Because those alien clothes the people wore were absolutely horrific.  I can’t figure out why this person decided to make all the pants so high waisted.  Even Diane Kruger (The Seeker) could not pull off those pants.

The movie had really great potential.  Like, really great.  It had the potential to explore love and friendship and what really matters most in the world.  It had the potential to really develop some solid internal conflict in the Melanie/Wanda character and it almost made me fall in love with both the girls.  It had potential to develop some really strong love storylines and dive deep into what goes on in relationships. It was almost an extremely emotionally moving movie.

But it didn’t really do any of those things.  It really didn’t have any depth at all.  Instead it made me tear up at it’s lost potential and it’s emotional roller coaster.

I think the awful thing about Sci-Fi books being made into movies is that all the rich story that was always so painstakingly written out is lost in the actual image portrayal on the screen.  Usually I find the movies almost have depth but they miss it at the last second.

I’m interested in reading the book now, to see if this character and relationship development is fully explored.  But I’m a little afraid that Stephenie Meyer–who is a great storyteller and terrible writer–will let me down the same way as the movie.  I’m afraid the book might almost achieve depth but miss it at the last second.

Have you ever read the book?  What did you think?

I think I might give it a shot.  But I will not, WILL NOT, read it on a dark day.


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