Good things.


A little while ago I posted this picture on Instagram (@caitlinmfrost if you’re wondering) and I captioned saying that good things are coming to the Frosts.

Okay, well before you get all excited and read into things, I am #notpregnant. #notevenclose.

I am also not go into a tirade about how you get to be a certain age and point in your marriage when anyone and everyone immediately assumes the next thing you’re going to tell them is that you’re with child. I won’t lead into that.

What I will tell you is that good things are totally happening to the Frosts right now. Good things with our house, out jobs (I’ve got one!), with our life group, our extended families, etc. etc.  And this is totally an accurate way we feel about it.  Whig is a great change of pace from last week’s mood, lemme tellya.

After so many months of praying, of feeling like life is so stagnant, of mentally and heartfully preparing ourselves, I am sitting back and soaking up the wonderfulness that is my life right now. 

1 Chronicles 16:8-9 says, “Give praise to the Lord…sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.”

So I’m telling you. The Lord is so good. the Lord is so gracious. I sing praises to His holy and wonderful name for He is great and greatly to be praised.

And….okay, there might be a secret goin on in there, too. But I betcha can’t guess. (#stillnotpregnant)



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