Oh Printicular, you truly are spectacular.

For my entire adult-ish life, I have never been found without a camera.  I’ve got so many photo albums that it’s a little embarrassing the pictures (and amount) I’ve chosen to keep.

I love my camera for all its cheap, amateurish ways.  I’ve found that as much as I love photography and I love a good photo/photographer (hello englexas), some of my favorite pictures are with my Target clearance Olympus digital camera, which is nothing special.  I bought it because it was cute.

But of course when I got my first smart phone in 2011 (told ya, I’m reeeeally late to the game) all my pictures mostly got put on my phone and Instagram (@caitlinmfrost).  And every time I snap a photo with my phone I immediately feel guilty.  I love a good photo print.

So I have absolutely no idea why it took me so long to find out about Printicular, an app that lets me print photos from my phone–including Instagram!–straight to Walgreens for their one-hour photo processing.  As soon as I saw this I downloaded it and promptly printed out 20 photos, some Instagram, some not. They were done in 30 mins and I picked them up.

Yeah, they’re a heckuva lot more expensive than Shutterfly or another online print service ($.09 vs $.36) and I have yet to find coupon codes (are you out there coupons??) but since I’m someone that has to have my photos printed, and who has to decorate the house with photos that I took, I will print out photos no matter the cost.

A few thoughts:

  • I actually thought my Instagram pics, printed in 4×4 copies, actually turned out better than the pictures I used with my phone.  Maybe because of the filters?  I also used two different Walgreens, so maybe that was it?  Not sure.
  • It took a while the first time I used the app to connect to my Instagram.  Probably a connection with the internet, and I had to cancel the order several times before it took.
  • My Instagram photos came out matte while my camera photos came out glossy.  Maybe the different Walgreens?  I didn’t have a choice in what kind of paper was used.
  • I also had my phone pics edited into 4×6 and some lost a lot of detail.  No big deal, just what I noticed.
  • I also had no idea what I was spending until I had already ordered them.  Maybe if I had done research I would’ve found out?  I also can’t figure out how to find out how things work by using the app.  Although it’s user-friendly, I could use a little more info.

Overall, I most likely will not print photos that are not from Instagram, but that’s mostly because if I take a photo I pretty much immediately upload it to Instagram.  But I am really loving this app.


Printicular did not contact me for this review and I am receiving no compensation (although a coupon code would be nice).  I just really love this app.


3 thoughts on “Oh Printicular, you truly are spectacular.

  1. Hey, my name is Laura and I blog for the Printicular app! I would just like to say thank you for your lovely blog about the app! We love reading about what users think and we would love to see how you display your Instagram photos! In fact in the new blog I have started, there is some crafty ideas on how to display Instagram photos so please check it out!
    Also, we would love to give you a coupon code for 10 free prints!! Please send me your email to laura@printicular.com and feel free to send us any projects that you create with your printed Instagram photos!

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