Intentionally living in fall.

fall bold intentions

It’s no secret that I hate fall.  As much as I love snow, I hate the cold.  I hate how every September the cold starts settling, because it’s not long after that when my face dries up and flakes and my bones creak from being frosted over and I can’t find anything at all that’s fashionable AND functional to wear.  Also, I hate pumpkin spice lattes.  Well, okay, I hate coffee in general.

As much as I hate fall, I do really love it.  I love the clothes, the scarves, pumpkin picking, corn maze-ing–Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday.  But somehow, at the end of every fall, I feel like I did not take advantage of the season very well.  Like, I missed something, and I regret all those times i sat on my couch instead of doing xyz.  In fact, I usually feel like that at the end of every season.

If this jobless summer has taught me anything at all it’s to be more intentional with my life.  I have to be intentional about how I spend my time or I end up watching Sabrina all day.  I have to be intentional about cleaning the house and the order I do it in or we’re rushing out after the husband gets home from work to buy clean underwear because I haven’t done laundry in a month.

I also have to be intentional about spending time with God or I’ll go a solid 10 hours of time alone at the house without cracking open my Bible.

And I want to be more intentional about my seasons.  I want to really enjoy this fall, as much as I can anyway.  I’m tired of feeling like I’m not a part of things.

Lately I’ve felt like the best way to live an intentional life, especially when I’m not used to doing so, is to write things down.  What are my goals?  What are my intentions?  How will I achieve them?  And when I saw this blog, I knew I needed to take time to do a bit of my own life planning.

Each month Elise posts a blog on her month’s bold intentions.  I love that phrase, “bold intentions.”  I think it’s such an appropriate term for what I’m trying to do myself that I’m borrowing the phrase.  Although, I plan on going season to season.

So, here’s to fall.  The beginning of a new (school) year.  The most anticipated season of the year.  The time when everyone looks to settle down, get into a routine, and sip their pumpkin spice lattes.

This season I:

  • will get my house into shape so that it will be maintained while I am in school.  All major projects will be put to a halt while I concentrating on the Fall semester of grad school.
  • will create a semblance of a morning routine; mainly, I will get up in the morning and be more intentional about using my morning time to be productive.
  • will pray more intentionally for the people and situations around me.
  • will write more; whether in this blog or my personal journal.

It doesn’t sound so hard, or so long, but I know it’s all easier said than done.  And when it’s all over, my hope is that I’ll have made intentional living such a habit that I won’t even know I’m doing it.


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