#fridayreads: end of summer edition

After leaving my job of two years, I had a million and a half things I wanted to do, and reading just wasn’t on the list.  Now that I’ve settled down long enough to prioritize and make time for all the things I want to do, I’m putting reading back in there little by little. Here are three reads I took on this summer.

Currently Reading Little Bee:  This book is so very, very sad.  Like, heartbreaking, I-need-to-rethink-my-entire-worldview sad. But the words are so very, very pretty. Amazingly beautiful.  This is a book that is heavy with story and character development, and because it’s so sad it’s taking longer to get into and read, so I’m not quite finished with it yet.  But I always appreciate a book that cares just as much as how you tell the story as what the story is.

Inspired by Bird by Bird:  A book by Anne Lamott about writing, this book is inspires my writing self.  I especially love the conversational tone she uses throughout:  it makes me feel as if I am sitting front row in her writing class.  I also loved the long introduction about her own writing career.

Couldn’t Finish Mr.  Timothy: I was interested in this story told of the little Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol.  He’s all grown up now and resides in a whorehouse in London.  The first chapter is all I could get through.  The writing itself wasn’t bad, I personally didn’t like to sit through the expletives and vulgar language that created the atmosphere of the whorehouse Timothy resided in.  So I put it down, donated it back to Goodwill, and don’t regret any of it.


What books have you read this summer that you loved or hated?  


3 thoughts on “#fridayreads: end of summer edition

  1. Oh Little Bee… such a good read. I LOVE her world view. and my husband and i always ask each other “is you a goody or a baddy?” You should check out Gold by the same author.
    and Bird by Bird is on my list!

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