Create a pretty room: Check.

Remember my fall bold intentions?  Well along with those I had a more specific list of things to get done, specifically before grad school started on Monday. The main one being is to finally excavate the downstairs room and create a place for me to study.

Well I finally did it.


DSCN8577 DSCN8580 DSCN8582 DSCN8583

A few notes:

  • My desk is made from a vintage door and galvanized pipes.  It was not a DIY; I totally bought it.  The stool is actually a typewriter table, but the seat is huge, which is what I love about it.
  • I made the lamp that’s hanging above the desk.
  • My chalkboard wall is not done! So don’t judge the lopsided edges.  I need to frame it out.  The pictures above are copies of really old originals from both mine and the husbands extended families, and they date to about 80-100 years ago. I also threw up some black and white pics of me and the husband printed from Instagram using the Printicular app.
  • I have two closets.  One is now the designated craft/sewing closest.  The other is the mini-office closet.  They’re basically non-functioning when it comes to the massive amount of coats and other garb we’ve got that needs a place to live.  But whatevs.
  • There’s an entire fourth wall that’s not shown.  It’s completely blank, because it’s part of the good things and I’m not exactly sure what to do with it yet.

Yes, these pictures are terrible, but eventually, when I finish the room for good, I’ll take more “artsy” pictures.  Let me assure you, the place is a bajillion times prettier in person than on this blog right now.

But I am so proud.  100% I did it myself.  Okay, except the floor.  I only pulled up the carpet.  The husband laid down the wood and trim.



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