Industrial Light DIY

I am NOT a DIY person in the Pinterest since of the word.  I am, however, a spectacular imitator.  I love looking at crafts on Pinterest and imitating them for my own needs. But too many people have gone above and beyond their crafting calls for me to take that job from them; especially when I’m just plagiarizing.

But after much urging from the husband, I decided to put up my non-Pinterest inspired DIY on the blog, because I did come up with this all on my own, after all.  (I also have intentionally not googled it, because I don’t want to be sad when I see that a bazillion people before me have actually already had the idea first.  I want to stay ignorant.)

DIY light

I am inspired by industrial decor.  I doubt I’ll ever live in a place that begs for industrial things, but one thing I really wanted above my desk is an industrial light.  I didn’t want a desk lamp since I don’t like things sitting on the table while I work.  I tend to strew my books out everywhere and I need all the room I can get.

So I originally bought a industrial-ish light at Home Depot.  I pulled it out only to find that I had to cut a hole in my ceiling and wire the thing in.  Sorry, but I am not an electrical DIY-er.  I wanted something I could plug in and take with me to the next place.


After meandering down Home Depot aisles, looking for a electrical outlets (ours are disgusting), a smoke detector (don’t have one), chalkboard paint (of course), and screws, I happened upon the construction area and found this awesome orange cage light thing.  So I spray painted it supershiny black, put a lightbulb in it, hooked it up to a black extension cord, and hung it from the ceiling using screws and wire.



So there it is.  A very simple, but extremely awesome ifIdosaysomyself industrial light.


Go ahead.  You can pin away now.


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