High Five for Friday Linkup

This week I’m linking up with Lauren from The Lauren Elizabeth to share 5 things about this week.



1. We went to the dog park on Sunday.  If doggy heaven was real, I swear this is what it would look like.
2.  Little by little I’ve been making my way into the local public schools through substituting.  So far only Math and Spanish (double blegh) and I’m just waiting on the moment when I get called to do a little more of something I’m used to.  (English anyone???)
3. The husband and I are working on creating a cookbook based on Instagram photos and the Printicular app (I LOVE that app).  I was inspired by this.  Hence the overabundance of food pics, which I don’t normally post. (Taking pictures of your food is gross, guys.  Unless you’re going to print it and put it next to a recipe.)
4. We’re going apple picking tomorrow!  And above all else, apple picking is my absolute favorite fall activity.  It’s the only thing in fall I look forward to.
5. I finally got my library account cleared, so I can check out books again.  I was like a kid in a candy store the other day.


2 thoughts on “High Five for Friday Linkup

  1. Apple picking sounds like so much fun!! The weather is starting to get so beautiful, so I hope you have a nice day. We just barely got a doggie park in my town…I don’t have a dog…but I think it’s such a great idea!!


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