I like my apples like I like my men.

I don’t care for fall, but I absolutely loooove apple picking.  We don’t get to pick apples in Texas–all we gots is tumbleweeds (that’s not actually true)–so this is a fall tradition that I look forward to every single year.


The first time I ever went apple picking, I didn’t even recognize half of the names of apples.  And I didn’t know you could eat them straight off the trees!  I also didn’t know that if you didn’t finish an apple you can just throw it on the ground.  I ended up eating about 10 apples to the core and made myself sick afterwards.

We like our apple farms minimalistic–no “extras.”  We don’t like apple farms that have been turned into carnivals, with clowns running around and hayrides to take, and ferris wheels and petting zoos.  We like our apple farms on big patches of land with apple trees.  Call us old fashioned–or kidless—but that’s us.  This farm just so happens to have powerlines running straight through the middle, so it was an added bonus.

Have you ever eaten an apple straight from the tree?  As in, not from the grocery store after it’s spent hours in a semi and sat in the produce section for days?  Yeah, these things are like juicy heaven in my mouth good.  I can’t ever stop eating them.

Now that I’ve got two bushels (I don’t know what that means) I plan on making a TON of apple recipes.  Like these apple pie cupcakes or these caramel apple buttermilk cupcakes.  I will of course make the husband’s grandmothers’ apple pan dowdy recipe, which is by far my favorite apple food–and making that is just as traditional as the actual picking of apples.



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