Beautiful Creatures Movie Review: Redeemed by the ending.

I KNOW.  I just said I wanted to read the book first and then I watched it that night.

But the husband brought it home, all giddy-faced, and said, “There wasn’t anything else at Redbox and I know how much you wanted to see this.”  So I was forced into seeing it.  What could I do?

Beautiful Creatures, the movie, was pretty much just what i thought it would be:  too short to grasp the complexities that I’m sure are in that thick, 500 page book.

Things I love:

  • The actors were completely unknown to me: I got to watch the movie and remember the characters’ names rather than their real life names.
  • The southern setting; Gatlin, South Carolina (not Louisiana, oops!):  It’s always a nice change to hear southern accents so thick, even if they are different in Texas than SC, and even if the main actors are from completely different continents than where the movie is set.  But whatevs.
  • The colors:  I always love it when movies are visually pleasing, and this movie is right up there.
  • The ending: OHEMGEE the ending was fantastic!  Even if it was completely predictable that very last moment when Ethan gets out of the car redeemed the shallowness of the entire movie, and it is still the sole reason why I would watch the movie again.

Things I hate:

  • The inside of Lena’s house:  I mean, those stairs?  COME ON.  They were terrible.  Especially when the style of Lena’s bedroom was so different than the modernness of those weird stairs.
  • I could never actually figure out what powers “casters” have and what exactly do “seers” do?  I also couldn’t figure out the connection of Amma to the Wate family.  But I’m sure this is just an example of what happens when Hollywood gets hold of a book.
  • There was a whole second storyline with Serafine, Ridley, and Ethan’s friend Link.  I just know there was.  But the movie didn’t dive into it enough for me to understand how deep it went.

I’d definitely watch this movie again, especially after I read the book.  It’ enough interesting to drag me into the plot, and even the husband rated it a “5” on the teen paranormal sci-fi movie scale–Twilight being a 1 and The Hobbit being a million.  (Yeah, I don’t get it either.)


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