#FridayReads: What to read on an airplane

I’ve been in Philadelphia this week for the huzzband’s work conference.  It’s been awesome:  two double beds, so I get an excuse to sleep alone and spread out, unlimited cable TV, no distractions to work on school, work, and eBook.  And I finished Gone Girl (review to come later).

We fly back tomorrow, and every time I fly I can never figure out what book(s) I want to bring with me.  So here’s a handy step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1:  How long is your flight?  The length of your flight greatly determines the weight of the book you should bring.  From Boston to Philly, it was only an hour and a half, just enough time for me to start Gone Girl and get far enough interested, but not enough time to finish.  From Boston to Houston, It’s enough time to read The Snow Child and have about a half hour left over to play Sudoku, work on a word puzzle, or start another book.

Flight books

Step 2:  How many  stops do you have? If you’re like me, you will absolutely not put down a good book.  But if you have multiple stops on your flight, you’re going to have to.  I remember reading Shiver on a three stop flight once and was so aggravated each time I had to put it down and walk to the next terminal before I could pick it up again.  Good book, wrong choice.  So choose something you can put down.  Like a non-fiction book.  Below are some of my favorite non-fiction reads that I can get into and put down without trouble.

Non fiction flight

Step 3:  What are you doing when you get there?  Sometimes I hate flying to TX, because the first thing I have to do is hang out with my family.  I love them, promise, but it means that I run the risk of getting to the good part when I have to put down my book, and when I go home I never know when I’ll be able to pick up the book again.  So what is it you’re going to be doing?  Like step 2, make sure you’re able to put down the read indefinitely.

Quick flight

And there ya have it.  Pretty simple, I think.  Hope this helps.
And if you read any of my recommendations, what did you think about them?  


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