Philadelphia: 80 degrees in October, whaatt??

DSCN8733 DSCN8753 DSCN8745 DSCN8737

The husband had a business trip to Philadelphia last week, so we spent 6 days there, and while he went to work everyday, I entertained myself by working on school, work, and the eBook in the hotel.

We stayed in a pretty gritty part of Philly.  A part that made me feel like this city was probably very beautiful at one point, but it’s severely suffered from the economic decline.

I got bored with the hotel pretty quickly, and searched Google maps for the library, which I found was only about a mile away.  So one afternoon I packed up all my books and traipsed a mile to the library and found some of the more beautiful spots of Philadelphia, as shown above.

Today I’m spending the day doing what most people do the day after a long vacation:  laundry.  My goal is to get absolutely every single item washed and put away, so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Hope your day is a little more exciting.


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