Fall Favorites Playlist

When I think of fall, I think of a household of people quieting down, settling in, and slow pacing through a fire lit evening.  A slow pace, intertwining sounds, beautiful melody, interesting voices.  Something that is so heavy, yet so light it can exist solely on it’s own beauty–that’s the kind of music I imagine fall being set to.  It’s a season that likes to wrap up in flannel holding a warm cup of something in its hand and take in the setting sun.  It’s a season that I’m learning to love.


I’m completely and totally NOT a music aficionado.  I like music very much, but I don’t give myself that much credit.
However, I’m enjoying this Fall Playlist quite a bit.

healing touch . green river ordinance

i will be back one day . lord huron

lonely hands . angus & julia stone

ho hey . the lumineers

mercury . sleeping at last

find home . the honey trees

i won’t let you go . james morrison

tonight’s the kind of night . noah and the whale

skinny love . bon iver

sun . sleeping at last

stars . grace potter & the nocturnals


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