Sweet rest eludes me

Throughout all my blog or instagram stalking, I often find women posting thoughts about how they are “resting in the Lord,” or “taking a sweet rest” or “finding grace in rest.”

What does that even mean?

I’m jealous of these women, who find such power in resting.  How in the world does one even begin to accomplish this?

This time, it didn’t take God smacking me in the face and saying, “Duh, stoopid, let’s look at what I’ve been trying to tell you.”  All it took was for me to say, How do I rest in the Lord?  What has he been teaching me lately?

The stuff.
How could I forget this running theme of my life?
I have too much stuff clogging up my rest time.

Often times I find myself “resting” by reading blogs or watching TV or skimming through Instagram or Pinterest.  That’s not going to work when none of these things help me to quiet my mind.  In fact, this is almost the opposite of rest.

this guy has no problem resting.

Some practical steps to rest in such a way that you feel refreshed after:

  1.  Quiet your mind.  Don’t look at social media.  Turn your phone off.  Turn the TV off.  Don’t have anything on that’s going to clutter up your mind.
  2. Sometimes no noise is the best noise.  I’m not very good with silence, I usually have to have something on.  But a lot of times I force myself to sit outside, or sit on the couch in silence.  And just the act of listening to the everyday sounds is a good refresher and rejuvenates me enough to continue on with my day.
  3. Read the Bible and reflect on the verses.  Spending time with Jesus should always be restful, but sometimes we make reading the Bible such a huge act that it’s more of a chore than the rest time it should be.  Don’t worry about journaling, or cranking up the worship music, or reading 8 chapters in one sitting.  Read a few verses, a short devotion, and then sit and think about what you read and how you can practically implement it into your everyday life.  And probably thinking in silence is the best way to do it.
  4. Find a hobby and put time into it.  I love to play the piano, but you’d never know it from the lack of time I actually spend on it.  I also like to write, and would love to make it into something more than just a hobby, but right now I don’t do that enough either for me to consider doing anything professional with it.  So find something you love to do, and just do it.  Put on some music, let the melody run over you, and do something.

I’ll admit something–I don’t often put these things into practice.  In fact, I find myself wishing I would do these things or that my life would reflect these things, instead of actually doing anything about it.  Practicality and living intentionally is hard.  Really hard. But it’s gotta be worth it, right?  At least, it’s gotta be better than how I’m living right now.


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