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My house is just about in order, which for only being here a year and gutting most of it I’m pretty happy about it.  But now it just needs a few final detailed touches.  Like these floor pillows, which would come in handy each week when we host life group–25 people in our tiny living room.  I’d imagine they’d provide extra seating and then people can sit comfortably on the floor.  I also love those handmade quilted coasters.  We don’t usually use coasters, but I’m thinking that maybe I can take the idea and expand it to dishtowels or cloth napkins, since we could always use a few more of those.  Ever since I painted the extra room mint I’ve been imagining a giant black and white rug, so I’ve been collecting b&w t-shirts to possible take on this braided rug project.  And the bunting and tassel garland is more just for fun–who doesn’t like garland???

What are you up to these DIY days?


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