Community in the Real World

I’m a blogger.  That means I spend a fair amount of time on the internet.  And between blogging, pinterest, instagram, and reading other blogs, and I definitely spend way more time than I should on the internet.

Which means I’ve read about and seen the coolness of internet friends.  I know the power of meeting people by commenting on blogs or following on instagram and I know that there is this shared community here on the internet that is inspiring and awe-striking.  It’s awesome that the world we live possesses this technology that allows us to communicate over long distances and get to know each other in a real way even though we’re miles apart.

That being said, how come we aren’t hearing about this in the real world?

I deleted Facebook about a year ago, because I basically find it stupid and irritating.  And since then I’ve missed out on countless invitations to events, conversations between clusters of friends, and nieces and nephews growing up from far away.  When I ask about how someone is doing, I don’t know about the stream of consciousness they’ve posted lately.  No, I haven’t seen the pictures from your last vacation. When did you get a dog?

In this fast-paced very techno-minded world, we forget about everyday living. That community can happen if you put just as much effort into it as you put into posting your twitter updates or instagramming your every meal.  If you just take your head out of The Cloud and start living in the real world community can and will happen.

It’s no secret on this blog that I quit my job.  It’s also no secret that I live in the second most expensive state in the US.  So you can imagine that between an income cut in half and the piles of student loans I will never pay off, life has become quite the struggle.  And yet, during this midst I am finding the goodness not of strangers I’ve met in the internet world, but of the friends and community around me.  Q-tips were randomly left at my door when we didn’t have money to pay for them.  Razors, shaving gel, and shampoo were handed to me in a bag from someone who wanted to clear out her stockpile and thought I could use them.  School supplies are passed over to me, even though I don’t currently have my own classroom.  I’m being trained in the art of couponing and it’s now become a social event and a way to connect and spend time with a friend.

So you see, the community you can find on the internet is awesome.  But, fellow bloggers and internet-users, don’t forget about the community around you, the community that exists with the people in your life group, the people who live next door to you, the people down the street, or the people at your work.  I think if we spent a little more time helping each other in the real world, we wouldn’t have to use the internet to fulfill this craving that exists so desperately in us–a craving to connect.

Just a thought for your Monday morning.


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