Thanksgiving Bold Intentions

Creating Fall Bold Intentions and a practical plan to keep them up has really helped.  But my ADD is kicking in and now I want to move on to something new, so a couple weeks ago I started journaling about my Thanksgiving bold intentions.


1.  My morning routine is working, especially once I simplified it.  I was inspired by Elise’s 3 things post, and now I only do three things in the morning:  get up and ready, eat breakfast at the table, read the Bible.  Done and done.

2. But in order to do only 3 things in the morning, and not a million, I have to keep up a nightly routine.  So again, I tried the 3 things way:  put together my lunch for the next day, get ready for bed (I almost never brush my teeth, wash my face, or take my contacts out.  disgusting, i know.  So now I’m working on doing that.) and pray with my husband.  So far, we’ve been keeping up the first and third.  Still having difficulty with the whole nightly grooming ritual.

3. My in-laws rented a cabin in New Hampshire, and even though we’re planning on joining everyone up there, there are some circumstances that may prevent us.  So we’re crossing our fingers that we actually get to go.

4.  Life has been way too busy the last couple of months, so I’m working to get school done and house projects completed so that I can take a four or five day week to just enjoy being with extended family and my own family of three. (yeah, I include the dog.)

I’m hoping that because I had so much success with my fall bold intentions, I’ll have just as much success with my Thanksgiving ones.

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