A Patchwork Christmas

After a bazillion years, I finally finished my first quilt.

Don’t be all impressed now, it was a b-word to put together at the end.  But I have to say, the actual patchwork part was amazing to put together.  And surprisingly therapeutic.  So it makes me want to put together more patchwork, and after seeing this awesome patchwork Christmas tree skirt, I started finding other Christmas-y things to patchwork.

Patchwork Tree Skirt

Here are some other patchwork-inspired ideas:


patchwork coasters would be cute in christmas-themed fabric // maybe some christmas-themed patchwork pillows? // patchwork table runners or placemats // and of course a patchwork stocking

First of all, the problem with patchwork is that it can get really busy.  And then the problem with Christmasy-themed fabrics is that they can get really cheesy.  And there’s nothing I hate more than overly tacky handmade Christmas stuff.  But that’s why I love that Anthropologie tree skirt–it’s got that holiday feel without looking like Santa threw up all over your tree.

So I put together some different fabrics that would be cute for Christmas, but it wouldn’t be all in your face.


fabrics 1 & 2 are from Jo-Ann’s // 3 & 4 are from Tonic Living // 5& 6 from Fabricworm

I like the feel each of the fabrics give off:  a little bit whimsical with a twist of modern thrown in.  6 would be fun as a placemat backing, and then you could use it for longer than just Christmas.  I’d pair 1, 4, & 3 together in a patchwork stocking or as the main prints in a patchwork pillow.  They’re fun and colorful without being too loud.  2 would be great for a classic black and white Christmas look with a little bit of red or green thrown in.   5 looks a little bit clownish, I’ll admit, but I’d totally pair it with some red and dark blue for some fun coasters or whatnot.

I’m not sure how much sewing I’ll be doing this Christmas.  I have grand aspirations, but not a lot of time or money.  So I’ll just stay content with dreaming of all the possibilities.


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