Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

This is our fourth Christmas together, and so far the only tradition that we’ve kept is setting up the Christmas tree the day (or so) after Thanksgiving.  You non-kid married people know what I’m talking about, right?  It’s just so hard to create traditions around here.

The only other tradition we have is that we buy a Christmas ornament for each place we’ve visited.  So we’ve got one from Minneapolis, Disney, Texas, and North Carolina.

Our first tree was glittery black and we put some neon colored ornaments on it.  It sat on our hutch because our living room was about 10 square feet.  I wrapped the presents in black paper with neon colored Christmas trees printed on it.  It was awesome.

But three years ago we decided to go for a different look.  We were in a different place, had room for a bigger tree, and we got a 7 footer at Target.   The problem was, the only ornaments we had were the neon ones.  And it just didn’t look as cool on a green tree as it did on the black one.  So we picked up some filler ornaments at Target.  That’s when I came across these.

Vase Filler
I knew they would be perfect for the tree, so we bought them and I simply made them into ornaments by poking the wire ornament hanger thing through them.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I love our tree.  It’s a mixture of rustic and weird.  A lot of our ornaments are from when I was a child, so most of the Santas date back to the early 90s.  My grandmother sent me a lot of ornaments, too.  My husband hates most of them, since they’re all from the 60s/70s, but I love it. It wouldn’t be Christmas without such an eclectic tree.

christmas tree

What are your Christmas traditions?  Are you a classic or retro kinda person?

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