Post Announcement: Our Adoption Story

Now that our friends and family know our secret–I told ya good things were happening–here’s the quasi-timeline of what’s been goin’ down.

We have always always always wanted to adopt.  I don’t think that’s ever been a secret to anyone, at least not intentionally.  So after 9 months and counting with no pregnancy looming in sight, we finally thought, “Why are we waiting? Why not adopt first????”  And after that, things started to just all go full steam ahead.  In fact, the longest we’ve had to wait so far is the time it took for our initial application to be reviewed and accepted.


Some important details:

*We’re adopting through the state–it’s not an international adoption–and I won’t be sharing a lot of details about that on the blog for anonymity purposes.  But if you have any questions, please feel free to email me (caitlinmfrostATgmailDOTcom).
*We’re currently finishing up our training classes and will soon be starting our homestudy.  We’ve already had a preliminary one, so we know what needs to be fixed/changed, and after the mess that is Christmas is cleaned up we’re going to start playing musical chairs with all the furniture.
*We don’t know gender and we don’t know age (although he/she will be younger than 6) and we don’t know race.  All these unknowns have made it very challenging to prepare for, but we know that we can’t put limits on God.  Our child is out there, waiting for us, and we have to be open to who he/she is.
*Right now our target date is February 28th.  Meaning, we should be licensed to adopt sometime around this date.  After that we’re called a “waiting family” and it will be some time before we will be matched with our child.  We have no idea how long it will take, so hopefully we’ll have some patience leftover at this point.

We are so very excited, and cannot wait for the day we get to bring our child(ren) home.  This has been such a great and wonderful journey so far.  It’s been full of emotional ups and downs, impatient waiting, endless to-do lists, and baby/kid window shopping.  Finally our downstairs room will have a purpose.  Finally our nights will be filled with more sounds and more laughter.  Finally the dog will have someone else to bother.

I’ve been imagining all the things I will be able to do with my son and/or daughter–like camping trips, bedtime rituals, walks with the dog, visiting the family in Texas, establishing holiday routines, staying home when they’re sick, reading my favorite childhood books with them, going with them on field trips, and the list goes on and on and on.  We don’t know the age, but we’re pretty certain we won’t be bringing home a newborn.  Which means that we will miss the 2am feedings, the first rollover, the first sit up, the first steps, and many other firsts.  It’s hard to think that our child has had an entire life before we’ll have ever entered the picture.  We’ll be thrust immediately into the throws of parenting with absolutely no warning, no time to grow as our child grows, no way of knowing what developmental stage our child will be in the middle of.  We’ll have to deal with tantrums, strong emotions, and a tumultuous transition time within our home as well as our extended family and friends.  It’s about to get crazy up in here.

We can’t wait.

You can follow along with our adoption story by clicking on the Adoption page tab at the top of the site.


3 thoughts on “Post Announcement: Our Adoption Story

    • Thanks Erika! It definitely can be lengthy. The worst part is not knowing the “due date.” But I know that God is in control and His timing will be perfect, no matter how impatiently frustrated I will get. 🙂

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