Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Garland

One of my December Goals is to just enjoy this season.  Not to worry about money pressures or gift guides or any of the usual stress that I have at Christmas time.  One of the best way to do that–at least for what works for me–is to hand make things.  I don’t know why, but I love creating things, knowing that my little decorations will be around for years to come, and that one day future children of mine will laugh and make fun at all the amateurish and scruffy things I’ve made.

So here’s my handmade Christmas garland.  Much like my Christmas ornaments, this is one of the fastest holiday DIYs I could think of.  I don’t know why but I was super intimidated to put this one together, probably because the sewing machine can’t do anything with me without putting up a grand fight.  But luckily it waited until the end to start botching up everything.

Christmas Garland

There’s all of three steps to this:  punch circles, sew together, string them where you want them.  I used a handy dandy scrapbook hole puncher which I do not own but borrowed from the mother in law to cut holes out of Christmas paper.  Although you could handcut them or punch them out of any sort of shape you wanted and do this for any season.


This season is probably the toughest that I’m going through right now, and yet it’s also the sweetest ever.  The whole no-money and tons of bills thing is weighing heavily on me.  I also got a second job and while I enjoy the time I get to spend in my community, I don’t like the time it takes away from everything else.  Because the sweet part is I have such a great life–an amazing husband, an impending family, great friends, a wonderful life group, and such an awesome community that I get to be a part of.  So while the mundane is dragging me down, I’m constantly trying to force myself to look on the bright side, because there really are so many bright sides.

And honestly, handmade Christmas garland is totally helping.


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