#DecemberGoals–Check In

This month has been weird.  Like, I’m right on the highest peak of of the roller coaster and any minute it’s going to fall.  So I’m scrambling to get things ready and into my seat before the coaster tips downward, but I don’t know when it’s going to fall and how long the drop will last.

Normally, I don’t mind weeks that are packed with commitment or homework or work schedules.  I don’t mind that my husband and I have to schedule date nights or coordinate who’s going to be home when and who can use the house when and how long.  Sometimes it makes me feel like an active participator of life–I can say, “Look at me world!  I have a life!  My schedule is so full right now!”

But this has been a non-stop season, full of weeks–plural–that have been like this.  And, if you add on Christmas, it doubles the intensity.  I don’t feel like things are slowing down at all, only that they are gearing up.

Which means that my December Bold Intentions and Goals have gone nowhere.  Nothing at all has been accomplished toward them.


But that’s okay.  Because I’ve learned that intentional living takes a lot of practice.  That filling up my time with things like friends, families, neighbors, and experiences are sometimes more important than things like bedtime routines or exercise hours.  I can’t throw out my schedule just yet because I’m juggling life, not just to-do lists.

Intentional living will always be a work in progress.  And I still have two and a half weeks that I can work on my December goals.  It’s never too late to live intentionally, but the earlier you start practicing–the better.

And I did get my tree skirt finished.

What are your goals?  Follow along with me with the hashtag #DecemberGoals so we can live intentionally together.


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