Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree Skirt

Remember my patchwork Christmas inspiration board?  Well, I finally made that Anthropologie-style Christmas tree skirt.

What I love most about doing things with my hands is the sense of accomplishment I get when I’m finished making something.  Especially when it turns out as good as this one.  But I also love being creative.  For so long I’ve sought pen and paper or computer keys to get out my creativeness, often thinking that the only talent I really possessed is writing.  But in the past few months of making and creating and sewing I’m realizing that writing is just one way my creative talent manifests itself.  There’s not really anything different between this patchwork tree skirt and a story–one is sewn together with thread, the other with words and plot points.  They are both messy and spontaneously put together.

So here you have it. 

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

I’m not an expert sewer, and I’ve only really  made one quilt (I still have to do the binding and I’m wicked intimidated by it), but this tree skirt is definitely one for beginner sewers.  If you know how to work a sewing machine, you can do this.

Tutorial in pictures:

DSCN8818 DSCN8824 DSCN8826 DSCN8944 DSCN8945 DSCN8946 DSCN8948

Pick some super cute fabric and cut into whatever size squares you want.  Figure out how you want the pattern to look and sew all the squares together.  Sew it all into a giant square that is the length and width of how big you want you skirt to be.  I figured out mine by taking a ruler and measuring from the tree to how far I wanted the skirt to lay on the floor, and then multiplied by two.  Once your giant square is big enough, fold in half, then in half, then in half, and cut the outside into a rounded curve and do the same to the tip.  Cut a slit to the middle circle so you can put it around your tree.  Put it on a giant piece of material right sights together and trim.  Sew around the outside edges and inside edges, leaving a small opening to flip out, then sew the opening closed.  Put under tree.  Pile with presents.  Bring it out Christmas after Christmas and enjoy.

Happy Christmas to all of you!

I think next year I’m going to tackle those patchwork stockings.  I can’t wait to have more than two mismatched stockings hanging over the fireplace.

And if you end up making your own, post a pic on Instagram or Twitter and tag me so I can see!  (@caitlinmfrost)


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