That weird, awkward transitioning time

There’s a lot of talk between Thanksgiving and Christmas about preparing our hearts, our minds, for the holiday season.  About getting ready to celebrate the real “reason for the season.”  Usually advent devotionals pop up or sermon series are replaced for a few weeks with a different focus.  And I totally get it.  I get the reason, I understand the birth of Jesus changed everything and fulfilled so many prophecies.

But nothing hits me harder than this weird, awkward last seven days when the year turns.  It’s as if everyone is just holding their breath until the calendar flips to the first page.  We know that there’s a week left, but yet we still look at Christmas as the last big event. Once that holiday is over, the real year can begin.

But this is the week that I start thinking and planning and praying for what I want my new year to look like.  I start making lists, preparing my home, preparing my heart and mind, having deep conversations with the husband, and generally reflecting on the last few months and seasons.

So that’s what I’m doing now.  Making some 2014 bold intentions, some goals, some to-do lists.  I’m reflecting on how the last year has gone and thinking about the direction I want my next year to go in.

So here’s my last week before the new year Bold Intentions.bold intentions

1. Create a 2014 Goal List for myself and for my (growing) family
2. Clean the house before our homestudy (today!!) and family Christmas Sunday
3. Plan out January and February with the husband
4. Start a new journal and a new devotional
5. Prepare my heart and mind for school (job) starting back next week
6. Do all post-Christmas errands

What are you thinking about in this last week before the new year?


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