What I’m really wanting out of 2014

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I’m approaching my new year a little bit differently this time around.  I’ve been asking the question, At the end of the year, how do I want to feel?

I think New Year Resolutions are hard. I think answering this question and expecting to live the answer is going to be hard.  Because years are so long.  So many things can happen in that time.  I mean, in 2013 alone I was a K/1st teacher, I quit my job, I was unemployed, we started leading a Life Group at our church which went from 6 to 40 people, I started substituting, I was getting my Master’s, I got my teaching certificate for high school, I picked up a freelance writing gig, I took a second job in retail, and now here I sit on school break typing this blog.

I think what we have to realize is that things will happen when they happen, and we just have to roll with the punches.  Sure, the calendar pages turn to the start of a brand new year, but life just keeps going on.  God doesn’t notice a difference from one day to the next–He does stuff outside of a timeline. So I think it’s important to recognize that 12 months is a long time to think you can plan for.  You can choose a word, a feeling, make some lists, but the day to day will really decide what you end up doing and going for.  Things change with the seasons (the spiritual ones, not autumn, winter, spring, fall).

That being sad, how I’m mostly attacking the question of At the end of the year, how do I want to feel?   FULL.  If I could pick a word to be my mantra, that would be it:  full.


I want to be full of God and His glory.
I want to be full of rest and relaxation to start this new year.
I want date nights full with cheesy husband-wife moments.
I want my house to be full with my family.
I want my heart to be full of joy.
I want my days to be full of serving, teaching, mothering, leading, and resting.
I want to be full of purpose and of intentionality.


I like the ring of it.  A lot.

And I’m very excited about what this word may bring in the coming days.

*Side note:  I have not taken Ali Edward’s One Little Word class, and this word/feeling–though perhaps inspired by her original thought–is not meant to be approached in the same way as I’m sure the class would approach it.  After half a year of practicing intentionality, I’m trying to incorporate it in my new year’s thoughts, which is how this post came to be about.


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