2014 Bold Intentions and New Year Goals

Happy New Year!

We have a tradition in my family that we eat cabbage and black eyed peas on New Years.  Well, I don’t, because it’s gross.  But everyone else does.  Luckily I married into a family who eats Chinese takeout for New Years, so that tradition has stuck and will always stick as long as I’m married to that guy.  (I know. I am so lucky.)

I talked yesterday about what I wanted out of 2014.  I thought today would be appropriate to share my very long list of maybe goals–goals I’d like to accomplish, but I know that as the seasons change these will as well.

So here it goes:


-read the Bible every day for a month (or more)
-go on more walks with the dog
-find one new exercise I like
-get a new (better) freelance job
-write the book and send it off
-finish and publish my eBook-develop an eCourse and journaling workshop
-get my teaching certificate
-get a legit teaching job
-live with less stuff and more intentionality
-learn to coupon more and save $100 (throughout the year, not at one time)
-be a mom!
-be more creative
-read more nonfiction books
-go to Texas for a holiday
-get my adoption scrapbook up to date
-learn to do photoshop (I downloaded the free version Gimp) and coding
-start a scrapbook/photo album for 2014
-print Christmas 2011 pictures
-put pictures in a photo album
-invite some neighbors over for dinner
-go on more prayer walks
-redo the bathroom
-go on husband/wife dates and family dates
-watch less TV
-make more phone calls
-take monthly family pictures
-make more dinners at home
-get the house ready for children!

What are your goals for 2014?


2 thoughts on “2014 Bold Intentions and New Year Goals

  1. Hi there! I’m visiting from the Tiny Twig link-up. It looks like you’ve got a BIG year in store for you – new baby? new job? Wow. Lots of changes. I think you’re very wise to have BIble reading and exercise (great stress relief) at the top of your list.

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