My favorite Bible reading plans

One of my New Years Resolutions is to read the Bible every single day for at least a month.  The idea behind this goal is that after 30 days it will become a habit, so hopefully by the end of the year I’m actually reading it every day period.

Now that the Christmas/holiday season is over and everything is back into a routine, this is something that needs to be incorporated into my everyday life, and what better time to do that than today, when the husband is back at work and routine needs to be re-established.  (This is what I love about the New Year season.  It’s like I have a complete blank slate.  Didn’t read enough last year?  Oh well, I get to start all over now.)

I plan on starting this month with the new She Reads Truth Fresh Start Plan.  Thankfully I saw that they started this plan today!  So I’m definitely going to be jumping in.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite devotionals or Bible reading plans for those of you who want to start, but just don’t know how or where to jump in.

I cannot say enough good things about She Reads Truth.  You can access all these plans on the YouVersion Bible app or from their website.  My favorite ones so far are 2 Peter and Soul Detox.

You definitely can’t go wrong with Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest.  For such a short and small book, it’s got so much power packed into it.  It’s got a small devotional plus a scripture for each day, and it’s dated, so you can start on the day that you start and you won’t miss anything.

Kelly Minter’s No Other Gods Bible Study is also a great one.  I did this in a summer women’s Bible study over a year ago, and although it didn’t really go with my life theme at the time, I’m currently finding myself mulling over some of its topics today.  I think I may do this one again on my own this year.

Since I’ll be starting the Fresh Start Plan today, I’ve decided to post my progress on the blog’s facebook page (yup, I’ve got one of those now). I’m inviting you to join with me!  Either by following the SRT plan or posting pics/comments about what you’re currently reading.

See ya there!


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