Shop My Closet & Support Compassion International

Ever since I quit my job, ever since we decided we wanted a baby, ever since we started the adoption process, ever since we got pregnant, ever since I had a miscarriage, I’ve been really wanting a change in my life.  I feel like motherhood is so close and yet so out of reach.  I feel like I’m missing an essential part of myself, like I look around for the kid that is never there.  (This also comes from teaching, because as all you teachers know, there is always a kid left behind).

Mostly I’ve been wanting to just DO something.  Anything.  Repaint the house.  Rearrange furniture.  Go on a spontaneous trip.  Replace my wardrobe.  Knock out a wall.  Something.

I am so ready for some sort of drastic change that I just can’t sit here for very much longer and twiddle my thumbs anymore.  I’m angry with God for being in this weird waiting stage and I’m fed up with how I spend my time and money and thoughts on such stupid triviality, and I’m so frustangry that I could kick things.

Enter Compassion.

I was reading this post by The Nester and this post by her sister and I was back peddaling through their recent posts about their trip in Uganda with Compassion International and looking at the pictures and watching the videos just made me sob.  (Not a good idea to be an adoptive/miscarriage mama and looking at orphans and cute little children).  It was then I decided this is what I could do.  I could adopt an insta-child.  One that I can call mine right this very second but wouldn’t ever set foot in my home.  I could DO something.

But then I saw that Compassion has an entire program solely devoted to rescuing babies and their mothers by providing pregnant mothers with adequate nutrition, classes on how to take care of a child, vaccinations on all those diseases we’ve already eradicated, and by proclaiming the love and the hope of Jesus.

Immediately, I knew this is exactly what I could do.  Because I couldn’t do a single damn thing to help my baby survive, but I can definitely do something to help these babies have a hope and a future.

So that’s where the Instasale comes in. I’ve been wanting to purge anyway, and I’m not having good luck with eBay, so I’m going to try an Instasale.  Come on over to @caitlinmfrostscloset and get you something pretty, knowing that every penny that you’re spending on my junk awesomeness is going straight to help a mother feed, care for, and love a baby that might otherwise not have been born.

Right now I’m wanting to sponsor the Businywa Child Survival Program in Uganda (it’s coming up on my mobile app, but not on the website???).  Join me, will you?


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