Okay Future Child, We’re Ready for You

Dear Future Child,

I’ve been hard at work these last few days, preparing the room for you and any sibling you might bring along with you.  And true to form your Gma (that’s her new name) has been busy pushing me to clean out, clean up, and make it so that all that your room needs is you.

We have an adoption shower this weekend, and you would not believe the number of people that have said they will come.  Our entire life group is providing the food, and our close friends won’t even let me know what’s going on because it’s going to be a surprise.  I find myself tearing up at the idea that even though I’m far far away from where I grew up with all my family, you’re not even here and yet there’s an entire community of people waiting for your arrival.  How lucky you are.

Oh man, Future Child, I just can not wait to see you.  We have been counting up the days, gathering them close, talking about how each day just might be the last one we have to go through before you get placed into our home.  Sometimes we go driving around and look for things we can do as a family.  We wander the aisles of Target wondering if you’ll like robots, or barbies, or the Avengers, or horses.

The fact that you’re not living here makes me hyperventilate.  What an awful feeling it is to know your child is alive and not living with you, and not even knowing what kind of environment you’re living in.  My prayer for you is that you have a warm bed, good food, and someone that loves you who is preparing your heart for us the way that I pray every moment that Jesus will prepare my heart for you.

We love you already Future Child.  We love you so much we just can’t stand it.




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