This Saturday was our adoption shower.

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Words will never be able to express how grateful I am for this community of people.  Knowing that future child is already loved, wanted, prayed for, and cherished between myself and the husband as well as an entire army of people makes me a helluva lot less nervous about the next few months.

Adoption Update

Right now we’re waiting on our references (I think there’s just one left) to get into the hands of our social worker.  Then she will write up our home study (no clue how long that will take) and once she does we wait for it to be approved by her direct supervisor and then that direct supervisor.

Before we learned we were pregnant, we learned that there were some children waiting to be matched up with us.  Now that we aren’t pregnant, we’re “back on track” although I’m not sure what exactly that means.  I’m assuming nothing has changed at all, and there are still children they want to match to us.

How You Can Pray

1.  For patience!  We’re literally finished with everything we can do–no more classes, no more interviews, no more house ready-ing.  This is probably the worst part of all because there’s nothing for us, and yet it’s still going on.  So we could definitely use that patience beyond all understanding.

2.  For our child(ren).  You have no idea how anxious we are, knowing that our child(ren) is(are) out there and not in our home.  So please pray for a warm bed, sweet dreams, food on the table, a loving caseworker, and a loving foster parent(s).

3.  For our caseworker.  I know she’s wicked awesome and has everything in control, but it certainly wouldn’t help if Jesus swooped in and gave her direction to our children!  Pray that she will continue being awesome–and fast!

Fingers crossed, February will be the month.  Which means it will more than make up for a terrible January.


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