The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I love when bloggers share their favorite products purely because it’s their favorite and not because they’re getting paid to do a review.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to


I recently ordered glasses from Coastal, and they are amazing!  I got the frames for free and only had to pay for the lenses and for shipping.

Displaying PicsArt_1392155469170.jpg

The frames are thick and durable.  And huge, because I hate wearing glasses unless they’re the biggest ones I can find.  The only problem is the lenses–they won’t get clean unless I use the specific lens cleaning cloth they came with, but I hardly think that’s a deal breaker.  I cannot recommend this company enough.  And the better part is that after I reviewed the glasses on their website, I got a $25 credit, so now I can buy contacts!


This past Christmas we ordered our Christmas cards/adoption announcements through Overnight Prints, because I had heard several recommendations from fellow bloggers.  I also needed something double sided and for a good price, so these seemed to fit the bill.


Here’s the thing:  these didn’t turn out bad, but I thought for the price (which also wasn’t bad) I didn’t get what I thought I was going to.  Our card was basically a photograph which we had designed, and then it was printed on cardstock so it was lacking that shiny, clean feel that it would have if it was printed as a picture.  The worst part was that it came with a gigantic white border that I had to cut off, which wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t ordered 100 of them.  I doubt I use this service again.


I’ve been trying to sell my clothes to make a little extra cash.  So after I heard about ThredUp I really wanted to try it.  So I sent off for the free bag and stuffed it full of clothes only after I read their very picky guidelines about what they want.  I put in only name brand things, things I had barely worn, and since the deal was to get rid of stuff I didn’t ask for anything back.  But then they only bought two of my items!  For like 50 cents a piece!  So I have about a dollar store credit.  Pfft.  What a rip.  Although, joke’s on them, because the only two name brand pieces in the bag that were thrifted were the ones that they decided they want.


But instead of ending on the ugly note, I’ve got a little something extra!  The designer of our adoption announcement cards–and a baby shower invite and I’m sure a few other things in the future–has offered my readers 15% off in her shop.  She’s a graphic designer and does wedding invites, New Years’ goal posters, and pretty much anything you ask her to.  Just enter “HINTOFLIME” at the checkout and you can get 15% anything in her shop, including a custom design.  So head on over to Mandi Holmes Designs and get yourself something pretty.

What products or services do you love/hate?


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