#FridayReads: A cute & random find

It’s been a while, but here’s a #FridayReads for your Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been looking for escape literature lately.  Not the amazing writing kind that takes me to different places.  The chick lit, predictable kind that gets me swept up in the story and allows me to forget where I am.

I stumbled upon Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee and was pleasantly surprised.

After reading the first two pages, I figured out the plot. Spoiler Alert:  when the husband dies, his soul is transported into the dog’s body and Emily adopts him.  Yeah, super corny, right?

But that’s what chick lit basically is, corny and predictable.  But Lee did a great job not making the soul-in-a-dog plot too over the top and ridiculous.  This book even had some depth to it.

Emily works as an editor at a publishing company.  After her husband, Sandy, dies she realizes there had been a lot of lies about her marriage and her life in general.  She struggles with her loss and with realizing all the lies Sandy kept from her.  When her sister comes to visit, bringing news about their mother–a woman activist who raised two almost opposite daughters–she realizes that most of what she thought about her sister, her mother, and her life with them was not what she thought it was either.  As she tries to get past the loss of Sandy and the lies she’s discovering, she realizes she has to get past her emotional baggage, too.

Meanwhile, Sandy is in the dog’s body, Einstein, and he gets to tell his side of the story, too.  (That’s probably the weirdest part.)  He’s all mad that he’s a dog and this mysterious old man who tells him if he helps his wife he’ll become some sort of awesome soul or something.  So Einstein tries to help his wife to get back on her feet.

It’s a book about self-discovery and new starts.  I may not read it again, but I enjoyed the story well enough. It kept me entertained on a dull, sub day at the high school.


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