It’s like AA, but for Internet-lovers

Hi, I’m Caitlin.  And I’m addicted to the internet.  *hangs head in shame*

Why do I feel so guilty admitting that I am so addicted to the internet that all other aspects of my life suffer?  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s not something that every other person isn’t addicted to.  But I am.  I just can’t stop won’t stop.  I watch TV on it, I write blogs on it, I incessantly stalk blogs on it, I reserve library books on it, I find sewing tutorials that I never do on it, I google everything on it.  But the one thing I can’t do?  Be OFF it.

So welcome to the first meeting of Internetaholics Anonymous.  It’s very much like AA, but for people addicted to the Internets.  It’s a place where we’re not going to feel guilty for this 21st century obsession.  It’s a place where we’re going to talk about the whys of the addiction and practically address how to get off it.  It’s a place where we’re going to help each other beat this addiction and return to a more slow-paced way of living where our minds aren’t running a gazillion miles an hour after watching, pinning, and reading.  Because there is a better way.  (So I’ve heard.)  And I really want to live it, and I think you do, too.


To start, we can no longer be in denial about this addiction.  I hear that admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.  So, I’m admitting that my creative life, wife life, domestic life, work life, suffer because of my addiction to the internet.  There. I said it.

And now that we’ve admitted the problem, I think it’s important to know why we’re obsessed with it.
So here are my reasons:

  • I just love reading blogs.  I really do.
  • I love Instagram.  I think 2 inch pictures are an awesome way to share life.
  • I love that I can watch almost any episode of any TV series with a click of the button.
  • I love that I can watch almost any movie with the aid of the internet.
  • I love that my laptop is portable, and I can just carry it around with me.
  • I love Spotify.
  • I love that I can Google basically anything I need to know.
  • Ditto, but on Pinterest, which has pretty images.

I definitely think there’s a place for the Internet, especially for this generation.  I know that kids are growing up as a product of technology, and it’s becoming something of a “we can’t live with but can’t live without” paradox.  But I’m aching for something more, and I know getting off the internet is the best way to do that.

So for the next seven days, I’m going to really fight with this struggle, and try some techniques to get off the stupid thing and learn to live without it.

What about you?  Are you addicted to the internet as much as I am?  Admit your problem (and your reasons) in the comments (or in your personal journal) and just know that there are more of us out there, so don’t feel ashamed.

And then come back next week, when I talk about what I’ve been trying and how it’s working.


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