“Would you just let me nest?”

I can talk all day long about the parallels between being pregnant and adpoting.  All day.
But I won’t.  At least, I won’t talk about everything.  Just the one thing.


I always silently laughed when I heard friends or family say that the “nesting urge has hit.”  Or that they were in “full-on nesting mode.”  I mean, could we not have come up with a better word to use???  And why does being pregnant all the sudden make you want to clean?  Shouldn’t your dirty house make you want to do that?

But, dear pregnant ladies, I apologize for all the judgement I have passed on you in my years.  Because even though we’re physically not waiting for our babies in the same way, I have to admit that I really am in full-on nesting mode.

I have to say, even though I haven’t been pregnant long enough to get to that nesting, nursery creating stage, I think the ready-ing your house and buying the furniture, and painting a room are all even more important to do when you’re adopting.  Because this is such a weird phase for us pre-adoptive parents.  We know we’ll get kids, and we know we’ll get them soon, but the waiting stage is a little more difficult when you don’t have an estimated due date.  Or when your due date changes weekly.  It’s also hard when you don’t know the age or gender to prepare the room, and yet the state says you have to have somewhere for these children to sleep.  (Although, I’ll admit that it doesn’t say it has to be cute.  That’s just implied.)

So I’m nesting, because I can’t really do anything else–like hear a heartbeat or scan things to a registry, or go to doctor visits.  I’m nesting because the act of putting together a room is helping me prepare my home and my heart for children to come in.  It’s giving me something tangible to do, instead of sit and twiddle my thumbs and just wait.  In the aisle of Bed Bath & Beyond, when we were buying sheets and I was facing the ultimate conundrum of what thread count they needed to be, the husband had the audacity to say something about how we don’t need to worry about it and I basically screamed, “Would you just let me nest!?!?!?”

Because it’s real people.  The feeling is so real.

DSCN9106 DSCN9047 DSCN9055 DSCN9109


Displaying IMG_20140207_154122.jpg

I had started making the square quilt back in January for a future child.  And it took me forever to do because I hand quilted it together.  (NEVER AGAIN.)  I was so proud of finishing it.  But then I freaked out because what if we got two future childs??  The second would need a quilt.  So I promptly put together the second one in about a week and a half.  I used most of the same fabrics for a more cohesive feel, but I wanted it to look different because they would be different.

The room in the picture is bare.  A lot of things need to happen on that wall above the bed.  But for now, two beds, a dresser, and a bookshelf are fine with me.

And don’t forget to check back tomorrow!  I’ve got an awesome print giveaway for you.


2 thoughts on ““Would you just let me nest?”

  1. The urge is so strong eh? I honestly couldn’t/wouldn’t believe it, but I can’t stop nesting even though we’ve been on this journey for over a year now. I think it helps with the act of waiting, it’s something you can work on instead of sitting in agony never being able to do anything for your children who are potentially suffering. I’ve finished both of the rooms then created and decorated a play area for them. Now that all the walls are filled I’m working on making hats, scarves and toys for them since I have nothing left to decorate.
    This quilt is beautiful, maybe I’ll have to take this up next 😉

    • I feel your agony!! I just bought a pattern for fabric animal toys that I’m going to start and I’ve been DIYing toys all over the place.

      Try the quilt. It’s long and tedious and something you can throw yourself into. 🙂

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