A photo wall and a giveaway

I’m still nesting over here.  And besides a second shelf and clothes hanger rod in the closet, the room is just about as complete as it can get before an actual kid moves in here.  But one thing I really wanted to do in the room is fill it up with some feel-good prints:  scriptures, words of affirmation, pictures of our family and theirs, etc.  I’m leaving a few frames blank because I want to fill them with family portraits and allow them to frame pictures of birth-family or foster-family that they want displayed.

So here’s the semi-finished product.  Semi, because I don’t really like it, but I can’t put my finger on why.  Help me out:  is it the lack of uniform frames?  Should they be all black?  Should I put the canvases somewhere else?  Is it just the blank frames that aren’t right?  Is it not spaced properly?  There’s too many holes in the wall for me to just try again, and I’m not a perfectionist (or patient) enough to do that trick with the paper and tape.  So what’s wrong with it?


No matter how stupid it looks now, I’m still loving the idea behind it, and I can’t wait to continue to fill it up and flesh it out until it’s perfect.  And hey, how much do you love this “For this child I have prayed” print from Hey Normal Day shop?

I had emailed Lindsay a while ago asking if she’d like to partner with me for a blog review and giveaway, and she quickly replied yes.  Her stuff is beautiful, and I was nervous that when I got my hands on it it wouldn’t be as pretty as the pictures in her shop.  (Don’t you hate when the product looks better online than it does in person?)  But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it! It’s hand-lettered and printed on some sort of glossy-type paper I think, because it has that finished look of a photo–sort of shiny, you know?  And I also love how centered and straight it is.  Most of the time hand-drawings are just a tad off-center and a little tilted.  But not this.


In addition to sending me my own print, she’s also graciously sent one for my readers to win!  So be sure to enter the giveaway below and you could have the chance to win this pretty thing: And if you want more, be sure to check out her shop.


You can use the discount code ADOPT20 for 20% off anything in her shop from now until March 31st. 

Here’s how to enter:
//One entry for each item done for a total of 6 entries per person//

1.  Like Slightly Overrated with a Hint of Lime on Facebook
2.  Like Hey Normal Day Shop on Facebook
3. Follow @caitlinmfrost on Instagram
4.  Follow @heynormaldayshop on Instagram
5.  Tweet about the giveaway and tag @caitlinmfrost

//You MUST leave a comment telling me which of the above you completed so I can verify your entries//
//Giveaway ends Thursday, March 6th//


4 thoughts on “A photo wall and a giveaway

  1. I forgot to tell you, Lindsay told me about these velcro picture hanging things. They’re kind of like those command hooks and they just stick to the wall then the velcro sticks to the back of the frame. No holes! It’s a little late for this particular project, but for the future you may want to check those out.


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