Us in February

*I’ve had zero energy and motivation to get a picture of us until right at this moment (7:00am when the husband is at work). So I shall edit this with the pic later.*

February started out okay with our #amazingandawesome adoption shower.

But then a grandfather passed, and we had a funeral to go to.

And then the post-miscarriage hormonal imbalance hit with a vengeance, and there are some days that I’m great and other days where I’m just not sure what I’m doing anymore.  The constant migraines aren’t helping, either.

Both cars broke again, and this February just seemed no better than January.


Our social worker has started our home study!  So literally any day now we’ll be done with the process and will be a licensed, waiting family.

And the Lord has seriously blessed us in a great and mighty way with a new car that’s cheaper per month than the old one and doesn’t need any repairs to it.

I hosted my first blog giveaway (which you can still enter), I have a second in the making, and some awesome and surprising news to share on Monday.

And I have a lot of other stuff brewing around in here.

So, dear 2014, you just might shape up after all.


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