March {Bold Intentions}

Life is getting a bit better at being on track.  But I’m finding that my days are too long.  By about 6:30/7:00pm at night, I am so ready for the day to be over.  It’s those evening times when emotions hit hard and I find myself crying for no apparent reason.  I can go from a happy, well-adjusted, productive member of society to a depressed bag of raging hormones in two seconds flat.  I hear it’s common for people with miscarriages to be super hormonal and even possible to experience post partum depression (although I don’t think that’s what this is).  All I know is that I’m taking it just one day at a time.  (You can follow along on instagram with my hashtag, #onedayatatime.)

But though there were plenty of dark days in February, and even though it didn’t turn out to be the best of months, I did manage to complete most of my goals.  Future child(ren)’s bedroom is complete.  The three things rule in the evenings is going well.  And there were more days I did more than the days I did less. So here we are at March. DSCN8723

Lately I’ve been feeling called to my kitchen. (I know, that’s weird, right.)  But in praying about how to be a more Godly wife, I’ve felt like more time needs to be spent cooking meals, keeping it clean, keeping our groceries under budget, and eating healthy.  So for March, I’ll be spending more time in my tiny kitchen, serving God and my husband and my family.

Doing more is still a goal.  And I’ve found a few ways to help me get off the internet and start doing more with my life.  (I’ll be sharing this throughout the month.)

Prepare my heart for motherhood is a third goal, because guys.  Fingers crossed that this is the month.  At the very least this goal may change to, pray for more and more patience.

I’m not sure it means right now, but I know that God has been dealing with some stuff in me, and I feel like it’s time to step out and trust Him.  I just don’t know what that looks like yet.  I don’t know how He wants me to step out in faith, so March will be all about praying for and seeking direction from Him.

It’s also time to get out of the house.  Winter is winding down (hopefully) and the sidewalks are getting clear enough to take the dog on more walks.  Fresh air and exercise certainly won’t kill me, so my goal is just to get out more and do stuff.

And lastly, my friend and I are opening our very own etsy shop this week!  My awesome and wise mother in law told me the best thing I could do in this weird grieving/waiting stage of motherhood is to dive into something non-mother  related to get my mind off things.  My friend and I have been talking for ages about doing something completely random like this just because we want to try to see what happens, so we decided to go for it.  You can expect the shop to open up sometime this week.

What are your bold intentions?
One of them should be to enter the giveaway from Hey Normal Day Shop.  You have until Thursday.  (Entries are very low, so there’s a great chance of you winning.)


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