Ash Wednesday

This will be the second year that I’ve actively participated in Lent (if you don’t count all those years that I gave up Catholicism.  JOKE.).  But probably it’s the first year that I’ve actually ACTIVELY participated in it.  That I’ve awaited it’s arrival with anticipation.  That I woke up early this morning because I was so excited about it.  I think it’s mostly because this year has already been a big joke to me.  January was stupidFebruary wasn’t much better.  And even though March is already looking bleak, I’m approaching Lent the same way that I’d approach the New Year–I am ever so desperate for a fresh start.


40 days isn’t that bad.  I can do a lot in 40 days.  I plan to use this time wisely.  I want to give up soda (for good).  I want to curb my internet addiction.  I want to cut down on my vices so that I can hopefully stop being a glutton.  I want to continue getting rid of the stuff in my house and in my heart.

But mostly?  I want to stop gliding through life and really and truly start living it.  I want to be able to say that I anticipated every dull moment, every mundane task, every monotonous routine. That I soaked up every second of cleaning and bill paying and dog walking and dinner eating.

So really, instead of focusing on what I’m NOT going to do for the next 40 days, I’m going to focus on what I WILL do:  pray.

I’ve been reading this book, courtesy of BookLook Blogger, and I’m hoping it will be the catalyst for getting us into a season of grateful hearts and contented souls.

How are you spending Lent?


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