IA Meeting: Why are we getting off the internet?

If you’re new to the IA meetings, welcome welcome.  You can read here about why we’re addicted to the internet and you can make your own list.

Today we’re going to talk about why we should be OFF the internet.  At least for good chunks of our day.


Okay so I could totally bombard you with statistics, preachy videos, inspiring videos, research, other blogs, Bible verses, etc. about why we should be off the internet more than we’re on.  But to be quite honest, you can find all that yourself.  I think it’s a better idea to decide why we, personally, want to be off the internet by asking the following questions.

Why is it so important to you to get off the internet?
What is the internet keeping you from doing?
What things could you be doing instead of getting sucked into the interwebs?

For me, these questions are more than just a need or desire to spend uninterrupted time with the husband or going on walks with the dog or to stop from getting a headache.   This has more to do with what my dreams for life are.  I have passions for things and staying on the internet takes time away from pursuing them.  Sure, the internet keeps my house from staying clean.  It prevents me from doing the dishes, packing lunches, taking the dog for a walk, but it’s also keeping me from my dreams.  Instead of wasting time, I could be planning, dreaming, and goal-making.

There’s too much that we can drown in over here.  I’ve talked before about how the Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook can clog up your mind, and I think the same can be said for your creativity, too.  Too much internet can keep you from being creative and pushing yourself artistically.  Reading other people’s thoughts prevents you from coming up with your own.  Social media is an outlet for us to compare our lives to others, and we all know that comparison is the thief of joy.

Before we can even begin to get off the internet we need to know why we want to.  When we rid ourselves of one thing, we’re just going to fill it up with another.  So when we make the call to unplug, we want to make sure that we already know what we want to fill up our empty time with.  Otherwise we’ll just fall into other bad habits.

So here are my things I’d like to do when I’m not spending time on the internet:
-Take the dog for a walk
-Do the dishes
-Clean the house
-Work on some 2014 goals
-Continue working toward opening my Etsy store
-Write my book proposal
-Write my eBook
-Make future child some awesome toys

What is it that you’d rather do?


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