Picking up where I left off.


I’m no longer a blogger anymore.  At least, that’s what I’m trying not to be.  And as this is THE year to finally send something off, that means I need to do a lot more writing.

But you know what?  It’s hard to pick up from where I left off.  It’s hard to start editing a manuscript in which I can’t even remember the characters’ last names.  It’s hard to fix plot points when I can’t remember what the basis of the story is.

I thought about chucking everything into a drawer and starting over with something else, but years of hard work just don’t leave you alone that easily.  I can’t dismiss my characters because they’ve haunted me in this in-between time.

So now I’m re-reading the first draft.  And then I’ll re-read the second draft to figure out what I changed.  And then I’ll re-read the notes on each of those drafts to figure out what I was trying to do originally.  And then once I get the feel of what’s happening in this world again, chances are I’ll chuck it all in the bin and start retyping the story from scratch.

But at least it’s some sort of progress.


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