Am I the only one who didn’t like Frozen???

Apparently I’m the only person on the planet who pretty much hated Disney’s Frozen.  I mean, the thing even got nominated for/won an Oscar (right?). Rotten Tomatoes gave it almost 5 stars. And people rave on and on and on about how good it is.

To be honest, I don’t get it.

1.  The song lyrics were terrible.  Disney has done a WAY better job at their lyrics in the past.  Just take The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.  Or for something more recent, Tangled.  Tangled had much better lyrics to their songs than Frozen.

2.  Kristen Bell should not sing.  Just no.

3.  I couldn’t stand the whole “I fell in love with you after only an hour” storyline.  I know it basically happens in all romantic comedies, but in a kid movie I didn’t care for it.  And don’t even get me started on those song lyrics.

4.  I don’t get the whole toad/gnome/green people thing.  They should’ve never appeared.

5. Kristoff was boring.  And Sven was only almost funny.

6.  The fact that Olaf wasn’t in the movie from the beginning was stupid.  He was literally the best thing that happened to the movie and he only appeared after 45 long, boring minutes.  And then he was so awesome.  I think he’s the best character Pixar has put out in a very long time.  My theory is that because the movie ended with him, you forgot how terrible it actually was.

So, anyone else out there that doesn’t get all the hype about it?


10 thoughts on “Am I the only one who didn’t like Frozen???

  1. Our family loved it. Kathryn bought the soundtrack almost immediately and the movie yesterday. Even the boys like it. I’ve read some criticism about it, but we all left the movie quoting lines and singing songs. Maybe it was because we felt it was one of the best animated ones out in a long time. Of course, that’s just our opinion. I may feel differently after I see it again. Part of what makes it fun is seeing how much fun the kids are having with it just being silly. Anyway, I’m in no way the writer that you are; so I didn’t state my case very well. Regardless, we enjoyed it.
    On another note, we also really, really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks. Please tell me you liked that one…

      • You should! I think you will like it – I think…I was afraid it would be a little too much for Jonah, but he even enjoyed it (after he figured out the concept of flashbacks, etc).
        As far as the other comment, I’m kind of shocked with the feminism idea. I wouldn’t think that at all of our family, but I guess there are a lot of opinions about it.

      • Oh – and I forgot to tell you – Kathryn reads your blog. And she came down the other day correcting you (loudly) about Olaf being only in the later part of the movie. He’s in a few times early in the beginning. 🙂

  2. You’re not alone. I didn’t like it either! It felt far too rushed, and thenplot points were given almost no development. This led to a movie that felt contrived and mechanical — little to no emotion. Not to mention that the message was thrown in your face every other line. YES. WE GET IT. THE MOVIE IS ABOUT LOVE. So was Brave, and they didn’t have to say it all the time. The story showed it. I honestly believe that Frozen only got this much attention because it was ostentatiously feminist. Every single person I see who liked it have said to me “Wow! The prince didn’t have to save the day! This is the coolest movie ever!” Or “Wow Idina Menzel was the best!” Nothing about the quality of the story, the dialogue, the character development… Nada. Just feminism and people who like Idina Menzel.

  3. I would claim myself as being somewhat of a Disney animated film fanboy ever since the mid-late 80’s. I remember watching Pinnochio numerous times as well as Dumbo. I even saw that rare forgotten one The Black Cauldron in the actual theatre(I’m PRETTY sure it was disney, couldve been Don Bluth by then though). But I got superhooked on their films cuzza Lil Mermaid in the theatres & have caught em all since! Reliving that inspiration over & over ….until Frozen. Its the 1st time ever that I found myself 3/4 of the way in waiting for it to end already. In fact, I’m the disbelieving type who would convince myself that “i actually kinda liked it.”, “not the best, but its still quality Disney!” Both would be str8 up BS. And I never even considered any thoughts of denial w it. I just knew it was an empty cash-in the moment I realized that it was hitting the climax without me feeling anything. No invested interest for the outcome,no emotional connection for ANY of the characters, and I kind of took Olaf(sorry man! He’s not a MAIN flaw, but…) & the rock trolls as slightly insults to our intelligence. They had no real purpose that didnt feel like shoehorned novelties! Its like the entire plot, setting & contents were slapped together in a Disney Movie Maker app for ppl who like to feel creative by playing madlibs w a finite list of cliché premade filler material. Oh & Kim, I couldn’t help but get the impression that u maybe enjoyed ur time w the children rather than the flick itself, & if so, I can dig that! They made it an enjoyable experience for ya. When their next animated effort comes to theatres I’m going to have to ask if I can borrow em! In fact ill even buy u AND ur husband tickets! Lol thx for hearing out my rant guys, and to the original poster: NO!! You are NOT alone!

  4. My wife and I just watched the movie last night. We felt like we must be missing something… with all the buzz about it. We had heard that it’s a great movie, no matter what age you are. Boy… were we disappointed! There are 20 Disney animated movies that are better than this!

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