The Frosts go on an adventure.

It’s an adventure for a few reasons.

One, it’s going to be hard and probably feel like an uphill battle.
Two, it’s going to (hopefully) “change our lives.”
Three, we’re wicked boring people and this is about how exciting it gets here in the house.  Because adopting children isn’t exciting enough.  #sarcasm

So our adventure came about in a few different ways.  I first saw Carmel’s post on this book ages ago.  I’m reading more non-fiction, and this was my first NF food book. I read Food Matters about three years ago, and highly recommend it.  But I’ve been wanting to read more about this whole Paleo thing anyway.  The husband and I are trying to get healthy (isn’t everybody??) and I’ve been feeling like God is calling me to my kitchen.  And on the advice of my awesome MIL, I’m trying to throw myself into things that are not motherhood related, because I’m just not sure how much longer I can be patient about the whole thing.

We were at said MIL’s house this weekend, and guess what she just happened to have sitting on her coffee table?  And guess what adventure her and FIL have been going on lately?  So she sent me off with the book, I’ve read it in a day and a half, and I think I might be a believer.

Can God call you to read a health book?  and put it into your hands?  and then inspire you to change your entire diet?

Well, I’m pretty sure God could do whatever He wants.  But regardless of whether or not this is God ordained, I think there’s too many coincidences to really ignore.

So here’s to a new adventure.  One which I hope helps to spur us on to a healthier lifestyle, one that we can impart to future childrens.  An adventure that will help me to start pulling back the layers of gluttony that are apparent in my food choices in hopes that this sin might be revealed to me in other areas of my life as well so that I may begin to address it there as well.

And because I’m going to be changing up things in the food department, I won’t have any choice but to spend more time in my kitchen.

What new adventures are you going on?


One thought on “The Frosts go on an adventure.

  1. I’m with you, I think God can do just about anything, so perhaps he did put the book in your path! Best of luck, if you are committed you can do it! We became vegetarians back in October when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer (consuming animal fat puts you at a higher risk). We’ve stuck to it, feel better, eat better, and I have no intention of every cooking meat again! Also, I’ve been quite convicted over our overall attitude of consumption lately and have been reading a great book by Jen Hatmaker called “7”. If you haven’t read it, it sounds like it would be right up your alley!

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