Adoption Update: The Home Study is Written!

Last Friday we got news that our home study is written.  Woohoo!

What does this mean?

Basically a home study is a very long, detailed document that describes who we are as a couple, what are family background is like, what kind of parents we’ll be (cause of course we already know that) and what sort of child(ren) we’re looking for.  It took about four weeks to write, then we read it to make sure there were no errors, and now it’s off to get approved!

What’s the next step?

The next step is for this huge family history document to get approved by our social worker’s supervisor, and that supervisor’s supervisor.  So they have to read it, make sure it’s all good, that we’re still excellent adoptive parental candidates, etc. etc.  And how long it’s approved depends on their schedules:  how many do they have to read, what kind of work they’re already doing, etc.  So it can be approved in days or weeks.

What happens after it’s approved?

After everyone decides we’re awesome people and going to be awesome parents, we’re approved and our home gets licensed.  Which is just a fancy way of saying we can officially take children into our home.

How long will it be once we get children?

Honestly, we have no idea.  We could get matched with children minutes/hours/days/weeks after our home study is approved, or we could get matched months/years afterward.  And then once we’re matched it’s up to us (God, really) to decide if we want to go forward with the matching and we want to meet the child(ren), hang out with them, get to know them, and have them stay the night here.  On average, it takes about two-four weeks from meeting the child(ren) to having them in our home full-time.

But really, anything can happen at any time.  God’s awesome like that.  We could end up bringing home a child tomorrow, or it could be sometime next year.  At this point, everything is just a waiting game.

How can you pray?

  • That God’s direction will be clear to us.  We don’t care what sort of situation our child(ren) is(are) currently in, what they’ve come from, what they’ve been through, or any medical or special needs they may or may not have.  What only matters is that if God says this(these) is(are) our child(ren), then we will say “YES” to them.
  • That our jobs and financial situation will all work out so that we will be able to support whatever number or kind of child we are given.  We know God is mightier and more powerful than money, but sometimes it’s just tiring to constantly trust that He will provide, even though we know He will.  And that we will be able to take time off to adjust becoming a family of 3 or 4 without too many repercussions.
  • That our child(ren)’s hearts are being prepared for us the same way we’re preparing for them.  We aren’t expecting an easy transition, and we are definitely preparing ourselves for battles of epic hormonal and emotional proportions, but that at some point foster parents are preparing this child(ren) for loving adoptive parents, such as ourselves.



One thought on “Adoption Update: The Home Study is Written!

  1. That’s awesome! I remember the home study being the biggest paper hurdle ever! It’s easy to get disorganized with all the papers you have to fill out and tracking the background checks, etc. We have adopted twice and have found it to be full of unrealized blessings. I just found your blog today and love to connect with other adoption bloggers!

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