Us in March

I got a picture of us this month.  Hooray!  (Actually, I got two pictures, but I think this one is much more telling of our relationship/personality than the other.)

After all the crazyness that was January and February, March has been a pretty spectacular month.

No one was sick this month.  #winning

Our home study was approved.  Huzzah!  Let the kid matching begin!

We attended a church conference which renewed our spirits and perked us both up this month.

I threw a super cute wedding shower for a very sweet friend, and everything went off smashingly.

I snagged a short-term job at the middle school for an English teacher, and it feels so good to be a legit teacher again!  We’ll see if it turns into anything more, but for now I’m cherishing this week.

We’re going Paleo.  Today starts the first week, and will consist of paleo breakfasts and dinners while lunch will be spent eating up all our non-paleo foods.

And yesterday was my birthday!  We spent the day doing the same thing we’ve done for the last four years:  a movie (Divergent this year) and pizza at Tavolino’s.  (If you know my husband at all, the gift he really gave me was the ability to keep a tradition.  LOVE that man.)

And may April be the best month and bring us the best gift(s) we’ll have this year.


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