April Bold Intentions

March was awesome!  For both my bold intentions and everyday life.  I was pretty pleased with the way that it went.

I figured out how to get off the internet, and even though I’m still praying for discipline in this area, so far I feel much more lighter, less stressed, and overall I have less things buzzing around in my head.  After the first 24 hours with no access to the internet, I just had the strangest feeling.  Now if I could just stop watching TV…

I’m still preparing my heart for motherhood.  Does that ever stop?

And now that we started to eat more Paleo, I’m definitely spending more time in the kitchen.  It’s staying clean, we’re eating “healthier,” and we’re spending more time at the dinner table.  All a win in my opinion.

DSCN9372from my birthday on Sunday.  hopefully this is our last family-of-two picture.

This month, I have only a few things, because I’m hoping that this month we bring home our children!  So that’s pretty much my major goal for this month…if it happens.

I’m also running my first 5K!  And I only put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence to show how terrified and stupid I think I am for signing up for it in the first place.  I’m running the Feed the Need 5K in the next town over, and the entry fee is 25 cans of food that will go to local food pantries.  I’m constantly looking for ways to get involved in the community that takes little effort–meaning I’m not the one planning things and I can just show up and meet people–so I signed up for this before I had time to talk myself out of it.  We ran a mile for the first time in for-ev-er last night, and it was rough.  So the major goal I have is to continue running and just get through this race.

And lastly, I’m feeling very called to give up my mornings.  It’s time to wake up early enough to cook and eat breakfast, to read the Bible and pray, to do a little work around the house before I start my day.  Right now I’m averaging getting up early twice a week, and when I do I’m only on instagram while I try to wake up.  But I’m continually working on that.

What’s your month’s Bold Intentions?


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